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Using Data to Drive Learning Investment Decisions

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Share this Post Image credit: Andrew Beeston In the previous article, I made the argument for an eCoach blending adaptive and affective learning with psychometric analytics. I suggested this engine could meet our current and future learning needs at both a trait and vocational level. But if such an eCoach …

A Transformation Strategy for Learning and Development

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We’ve thought a lot about what L&D can do to have more impact. Three things can make the difference. Press PLAY on the Video above to discover what they are!

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Induction Journeys

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Share this Post Perhaps you’ve experienced an induction that goes something like this: At some point you realise that your employer claims to be collaborative, innovative and fast moving. But what you’re experiencing is something different… Ever since gamification and augmented reality (AR) emerged, I’ve been keen to rethink orientation and induction by resolving …

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Your guide to deploying performance campaigns

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Performance campaigns are unlike other blended and digital learning approaches, because they don’t set out to teach. Instead they set out to create the circumstances from which performance arises. As a result they draw on different design and implementation skills (though the development skills are similar). An evidence based approach To …