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Digital learning dish I prepared earlier

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Set and organise goals within a defined space Set out a clear picture of what success looks like in story form using real stories from people the learner knows, trusts or has heard about. Alternatively, use case studies or a ‘day in the life of’. Be sure your story describes …

My recipe for world class digital elearning

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Ingredients For this recipe, you’re going to need the following: Evidence-based adult learning Storytelling, gamification and behavioural economics A Learning Record Store (LRS) linked to a business system Staples and fresh produce Place all of your evidence based principles in a bowl. Make sure you use a mix of proven …

Learning content as a torrid affair, not a bad marriage (Kill the LMS Part 4 of 5)

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Share this Post In the previous article, I argued the case for user and algorithmically generated content and suggested that combining the two in a value chain could create a stream of fresh content able to keep up with the recommendations generated from an eCoach engine. I finished by saying …